Welcome to this temporary campaign…. place holder.

Plans are underway to gather a group, setup the setting, and create the characters.

A few things are certain right from the get go:

The game will be based in the Paragon campaign setting.

Paragons Cover

The Paragons setting is designed for the Mutants & Masterminds 3rd edition and is notable for its flexibility, allowing the GM to make their timeline, facts, and conspiracies.

Welcome to a world where "reality" doesn't mean quite the same thing it used to, where the word "impossible" is used conditionally when it has any meaning at all, and where you will believe a man can fly, because there's a good chance of seeing it on the evening news. Welcome to a world of normal people with paranormal powers, the world of Paragons.

The game will be running using FATE Core.

Powered By FATE

FATE Core is a very open and flexible gaming by Evil Hat. The system uses aspects, skills, stunts and a few extras to overcome obstacles, contests and conflicts. At the heart of it, the players are proactive, competent, and in it for the drama of the game.

In fact, everything you need to know to use FATE Core can be found on its SRD, completely free!

The Venture City "Hack" will cover superpowers.

Venture City is a setting for FATE Core that covers the superheroic side of things. I won't be using the setting, but instead will use it's superpower system. Awesomely, that system is also available, for free, on the same SRD, under Venture City!

Potential FATE for Paragons

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